Grooming Services

Middletown Veterinary Hospital offers professional, full service grooming. For pets that don't require the service of the groomer, we offer bathing which is done by appointment Monday through Saturday. Shampoos are selected on each individual based on coat and skin condition, and only the most effective products, with the desired effects are used. We offer closely monitored sedation for pets that may require help "relaxing" during the groom. Please be assured that no pet will be sedated for grooming or bathing unless absolutely necessary and only after permission has been obtained from you. Our baths consist of shampoo and blow dry. Our groomers give you and your pet personalized attention. The groomer will meet with you at drop off to discuss your pet's specific needs. We offer customized cuts and beauty treatments. Both dogs and cats are welcome in our salon. We feature the HydroSurge therapeutic bathing system which massages your pet while deep cleaning. Our salon offers a walk in tub for larger breeds or arthritic pets. A groom includes a nail trim, ear clean, anal expression, shampoo, conditioner if needed, blow dry, brush out, and clip. We have available an assortment of shampoos. We also offer other services at an additional charge; full brush out, dematting, Shed-Less, hot oil treatments, brushing teeth, and nail polish. You can also request a Doctor's visit and update shots while there for a groom. We also will advise you if we notice anything while grooming that might require the Doctor's attention. We have 4 Groomers : Crystal, Susan, Lauren, Joanna Any questions feel free to contact us by telephone (302)-378-2342